Review: Eight-year-old magician Issy Simpson dazzles on T-shirt illusion Special

Posted May 7, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
8-year-old prodigy magician Issy Simpson performed the entire version of her magic trick that made her famous on "Britain's Got Talent."
Issy Simpson
Issy Simpson
Issy Simpson
Simpson left both women (who participated in this magic trick) in total awe, as she revealed to them their card that they selected from the deck via a photo of the actual card (4 of diamonds) that was imprinted on her T-shirt.
What is great about this version of the T-shirt illusion is that the audience members can really see the full effect of Simpson's magic ability and her extraordinary presentation skills, which prove that she is one true forced to be reckoned with.
A preview of her well-received Britain's Got Talent audition may be seen in the video below.
The Verdict
Overall, Issy Simpson has showcased tremendous charm, passion and charisma at a very young age. She truly is the future of magic and illusions. Her magician grandfather taught her well in life. The sky's the limit for Simpson. She deserves to make it far in the Britain's Got Talent reality competition, and she ought to be in the finals. This impressive T-shirt illusion garnered an A rating.
Digital Journal chatted with Issy Simpson via Skype.
For more information on magic sensation Issy Simpson, check out her official Facebook page.