98 Degrees' Jeff Timmons talks new Men of the Strip in Las Vegas Special

Posted Apr 16, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
98 Degrees' Jeff Timmons chatted about the new "Men of the Strip" male revue at The Tropicana's Havana Room in Las Vegas.
Jeff Timmons
Jeff Timmons
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On their new "Men of the Strip" residency at The Tropicana, Timmons said, "I'm excited. Obviously, we did the tour the first time and we did the showcase and had a movie on E! network. A couple of years have passed and there has been a demand for it, so we decided to start it again, and The Tropicana was gracious enough to make us an offer at the Havana Room there."
He went on to praise the elegance of the new venue. "The Tropicana is right there on the strip. It is a legendary venue. The Havana Room is gorgeous, the pool is ridiculous, and the staff and the casino are incredible."
Timmons is quite excited about his new cast of lead performers of "Men of the Strip." "The new cast is a strong cast and an exciting group of guys. They have a lot of talent and they seem to be excited and gracious for the opportunity. They are from all over the country such as Michigan, Alabama and Ohio. They have such great attitudes, which is pretty incredible."
The 98 Degrees founding member continued, "The guys are only one week in rehearsals and they are killing it. They are super professional. The sky's the limit for these guys."
Regarding his new radio show in Las Vegas, Timmons said, "I do a little minute blurb in the morning, and it is something fun they asked me to do. They have had a pretty decent response to it."
To learn more about Men of the Strip, check out their official website and Facebook page.
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