Review: Bailey Bryan releases beautiful new country EP 'So Far' Special

Posted Apr 15, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Rising country songstress Bailey Bryan has released her brand new country EP, "So Far," which is refreshing to listen to.
Bailey Bryan
Bailey Bryan
Anna Haas
Her EP opens with the sassy and irresistible tune "Own It," which has a liberating message to it, and her breathy vocals are reminiscent of Taylor Swift meets Miranda Lambert. She allows her dynamic vocal range to shine on the break-up ballad "Hard Drive Home," which is quite the tearjerker.
The piano-driven ballad "Scars" is haunting yet beautifully sung. She handles the subject matter in "Life Goes On" with much delicacy and sentimentalism. Her EP closes with the mellow ballad "Used To," where she leaves her listeners yearning for more music. Hopefully, that will come in a full-length LP in the near future.
Bryan's music has garnered favorable reviews from such media outlets as Rolling Stone (who named her as one of its "10 Country Artists You Need to Know"), as well as Entertainment Weekly ("Breaking Big: 4 New Artists You Need to Hear Now").
The Verdict
Overall, there is a lot of variety on this new So Far EP by Bailey Bryan. It is one of those EPs that will put a smile on the listener's face. Anybody who has ever been in a difficult relationship or a failing romance can certainly relate to its poignant lyrics. This five-track collection garners an A rating.
Bailey Bryan's So Far EP is available on iTunes.