Review: Jerrod Niemann excellent on new country single 'God Made a Woman' Special

Posted Mar 19, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer Jerrod Niemann is back with one of his best singles to date, the gorgeous "God Made a Woman." It was released on Curb Records.
Jerrod Niemann
Jerrod Niemann
Jerrod Niemann supplied publicity photo
The single is extremely well-written, coupled with an infectious melody and Niemann's rich, baritone voice. It ought to be enjoyed for its beauty and simplicity.
It is a track from his forthcoming studio album, which is his inaugural effort on his new record label, Curb Records. It was co-produced with Jimmie Lee Sloas.
"God Made A Woman" is sentimental, delicate and a celebration of a woman's love, coupled by sweeping orchestral strings and pedal steel. In this song, Niemann puts the lady in his life, in wife Morgan, on a pedestal of adoration. In fact, it reminds Niemann of his wife each time that he listens to it. He is not afraid to showcase his vulnerability as a recording artist. This is the song that Niemann claimed as his "favorite song" that he has ever recorded in his career, and rightfully so.
The Verdict
Overall, "God Made a Woman" is haunting, enchanting and sultry at the same time. It is the song that any female country fan would love to have sung to them. Jerrod Niemann manages to form a strong connection with the hearts of his listeners on this tune. It is one of his best songs, along with the inspirational "Only God Could Love You More." "God Made a Woman" garners an A rating.
"God Made a Woman" is available on iTunes.
To learn more about country star Jerrod Niemann and "God Made a Woman," check out his official website.