Michael Fassbender is the perfect AI companion Special

Posted Mar 10, 2017 by Sarah Gopaul
Fox releases new short to accompany its recent trailer for ‘Alien Covenant’, introducing audiences to Michael Fassbender’s Walter.
Michael Fassbender stars in Ridley Scott s  Alien: Covenant
Michael Fassbender stars in Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant'
Twentieth Century Fox
Ridley Scott’s newest sci-fi thriller, Alien: Covenant, doesn’t hit theatres until May 19, but fans don’t have to wait that long to meet Michael Fassbender’s character. Twentieth Century Fox just released a short titled, “Meet Walter,” which introduces audiences to the film’s artificially intelligent synthetic android.
Set to Melanie De Biasio’s slow ballad, “I Feel You,” the commercial promotes fictional corporation Weyland-Yutani’s latest product, “created to serve and designed to help achieve a better human experience with intelligence.” The creation process appears to be very elegant and sterile, carried out by female technicians/caretakers delicately handling the necessary instruments and unfinished simulated being while wearing strange protective suits. It’s actually more suggestive of an artsy music video than a companion to one of the most recognizable sci-fi franchises in the history of cinema… most likely because none of the recognizable elements from the series appear in the video other than the company logo.
Launched on the heels of the first official trailer released last week, the film is definitely building momentum leading up to its spring premiere. The short has a companion website where users can learn more about Walter’s four key features: cognitive processing, emotional intelligence, biometric regulation and biosocial compatibility. Though the motionless Fassbender staring blankly out from the screen does become a little unnerving after a while.
The short was conceived by Ridley Scott and 3AM, produced by RSA Films with technology partner AMD, and directed by Ridley’s son, Luke Scott who made his directorial debut last year with Morgan. It’s difficult to gauge whether this will actually peak people’s interests in the film any more than the trailer, but it’s a stunning standalone piece in any case.