Vancouver's Trump Tower opens amidst protests and 'fake news'

Posted Feb 28, 2017 by Karen Graham
The Trump brothers have come to Vancouver, BC today for the grand opening of their family-branded Trump International Hotel and Tower. But the cold shoulders the brothers will be experiencing won't be coming from the temperature outside.
The Trump name is an international brand.
The Trump name is an international brand.
Lorie Shaull from Washington, United States
The Washington Post says Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump will be on hand for the lavish opening of the 69 floor, $360 million development, but there will also be a number of protests outside the hotel scheduled for the greater part of the day, according to Constable Jason Doucette.
Security fences were set up this morning and extra police were stationed around the hotel. A number of social media groups have been formed and they are planning marches throughout the day.
Vancouver city officials are staying away
Not everyone will be coming to the opening ceremony, and that includes some Vancouver city officials. City Council member Kerry Jang still has the Trump umbrella he was given four years ago when Donald Trump came to town to announce the construction of the hotel.
But Jang won't be on hand to greet Trump's sons today, nor will his family. The children will be in among the protesters and Jang said he and the other city leaders will be staying far away from the property. “None of us will be there,” Jang told The Washington Post during an interview Monday at City Hall. “It’s got bad karma, that place.”
Talk about 'fake news' - The Trumps just can't get it right
CTV News Canada is reporting the Trump Organization caused a flurry of anger on social media ahead of the grand opening, with an apparently false claim that many people quickly labeled as "fake news" or "alternative facts." What this flub really points to is the fact that the Trumps never check their facts.
Trump Organization
"The 69-storey tower will be the first property to open in the city in over six years," The Trump Organization tweeted Monday. Anyone with any sense knows that Vancouver has been in the midst of a real estate boom with several residential towers being opened over the past six years.
The Trump Brand considered "tasteless" to some people
Without a doubt, the Trump empire is doing very well globally and the company's lavish hotels, towers and whatever else they have all proudly bear the Trump name in letters as big as they can get away with. But in Vancouver, the name is associated with racist attitudes and rhetoric spewed by the president while he was on the campaign trail.
The same goes for how Vancouverites feel about Trump's position on immigration, especially from Muslim-majority nations. Even in Chicago, the 20-foot high Trump sign the company plastered on the side of its tower in 2009 was labeled as "tasteless" by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, prompting an examination of the city's building code.