Ad blocker Shine to become ad platform Rainbow

Posted Feb 24, 2017 by Tim Sandle
The application Shine has, for a long time, offered ad blocking software to web users. Now, in a surprising u-turn, the platform is to be relaunched as a a service with adverts.
According to a news release, the Israeli firm Shine has been rebranded as Rainbow and it aims to offer "a better ad experience for consumers". As well as the new platform, the company has declared that it will no longer sell ad-blocking software.
Launched in 2015, Shine quickly rose to compete with the major advert blocking players like Adblock Plus and TrustGo. These platforms each seek to allow users to control the amount of advertising they see on apps and the mobile web. For this reason they are not popular with either advertisers or websites that depend on ad revenue. Shine, in its few years of existence, was efficient in blocking adverts across all mobile display, apps, and mobile video ads.
With the new service Rainbow, the BBC states, advertising agencies will be able to send their adverts to the platform to be verified. If approved, the service will be made free to both publishers and consumers. In addition it will not charge advertisers to validate the adverts. Rainbow will garner revenue from an insights and analytics product based on the data produced, which will be sold on to advertisers.
With this, James Collier, Shine's chief revenue officer said: "We have been consulting with the industry about what a good ad should be - how big the ad is on the page, does it take up data? Does it have auto-play or is it muted?"
Website Campaign speculates whether the group's decision to abandon advert-blocking as a main source of revenue is due to the slowing adoption of ad-blockers.