Child suspended after being bullied for wearing pro-Trump hat

Posted Feb 7, 2017 by Owen Weldon
A 12-year-old student from the St. Louis area was bulled for wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat. He was then suspended over the incident.
File photo: School bus  yellow bus.
File photo: School bus, yellow bus.
By Die4kids - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
The student was filmed getting bullied by a group of students on a bus. The students can be seen ganging up on the boy and yelling about the US-Mexico border wall proposed by President Donald Trump. It also looks like punches were thrown at the boy.
Christina Cortina, the boy's mother, said she watched the video. She said she saw her son being berated and beat, all because he feels strongly about the current state of the world.
The incident, which happened last Wednesday, led to the victim's suspension. Cortina was shocked at the suspension. She said she was upset and she felt like her son was made an example of. Cortina added that the incident was politically charged.
In the clip, one student can be heard yelling at the victim "you want to build a wall" before the incident became physical. The victim said one of the students got so frustrated that he shoved him. He added that the bully kept hitting him and backing him up to the window of the bus.
As of now, there's no report on what the bus driver did, but all the students involved have faced consequences. Although, it's not know whether those consequences includes the other students being suspended. The boy was ridiculed over the hat received a four-day suspension.

So proud of you Gavin! #neverbackdown #maga

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Cortina took to Instagram and said she was proud of her son for wearing the hat. She did say she is concerned about letting her son wear the hat again.