Interview: Ned LeDoux talks Grand Ole Opry debut, new EP Special

Posted Feb 4, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer Ned LeDoux chatted with Digital Journal about his debut at the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.
Ned LeDoux
Ned LeDoux
Chris Hollo
He is the son of the late great Chris LeDoux, and he performed his new single "Brother Highway" from his EP Forever a Cowboy. "Brother Highway" was co-penned with Mark Sissel, a founding member and guitar player in his father's band, Western Underground. "My father was definitely one of a kind. They broke the mold after him. He lived for 56 short years, but in those 56 years, it felt like he lived three lifetimes," he said. "Most people know him for the music, but he was also a world champion bareback rider and a well-known sculptor, and all-around great artist. When you think Chris LeDoux, his legacy is a cowboy."
Regarding his Grand Ole Opry debut, he said, "It was amazing. I did my best to walk really slow so I wouldn't miss anything. It was exciting."
On the song selection for his new EP Forever a Cowboy, he said, "I just wanted to write a song about the people I grew up with. I started writing down the things that a cowboy appreciates in life: he loves his family, he loves his country and the different things that he works for. I probably wrote the song eight different times, and then I thought it was enough. Then I laid it out on the table and I pieced it together."
LeDoux listed the title track, "Forever a Cowboy," as his personal favorite song on the EP. He also noted that he would love to record a dream duet with country songstress Martina McBride. "Martina is one of my favorite female artists out there. My wife is a big fan of hers as well. We listen to her Christmas album all year round," he said.
His plans for 2017 are quite busy. "2017 is shaping up to be one of the busiest years I've ever had. There are shows coming in every couple of days. I want to finish the album. We released an EP on December 2, and now I'm going to get back in the studio this fall and will finish up this whole album," he said.
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