Interview with Karine Delage: 5-year anniversary of her PR firm Special

Posted Feb 10, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Esteemed Canadian publicist Karine Delage chatted with Digital Journal about the five-year anniversary of her multi-faceted PR firm, Karyzma Agency.
Karine Delage  owner of Karyzma PR  Agency.
Karine Delage, owner of Karyzma PR Agency.
© Karyzma
Delage's clients range in such diverse fields as beauty, fashion, restaurants, health, music, acting, lifestyle, sports and technology.
On her five-year anniversary, Delage said, "It's amazing. I started all of this when I was so young and to see my firm celebrating five years is a dream come through, and it's only the beginning."
Throughout her career, she has many proud moments. One of them that stands out is a front page cover feature with Men of the Strip in the United States, as well as working with Amber Rose and all her international clients. "I have had many big moments in Canada, and every day is a new proud moment. I learn all the time," she said.
She shared that her new website is coming along really well. "We are just working on a couple of updates at the moment to have everything ready for the fifth anniversary bash that will happen in Montreal, Toronto, and during the Junos in Ottawa," she said.
Her New Year's resolutions are to go big or to go home. "My goal this year is to work harder than ever and to make Karyzma Agency an international fixture in the next five years," she said.
Jeff Timmons, from the Grammy-nominated group 98 Degrees, who has worked with Delage had nothing but the kindest remarks. "Not only is Karine well-connected, and one of the hardest working publicists I've ever had the pleasure of working with, she genuinely cares about her clients as if they are family. I consider her one of my dearest friends in the business," Timmons said.
To learn more about Delage's PR firm, Karyzma Agency, check out her official website.