Interview: Doctor P discusses PlayStation Theater concert, EDM Special

Posted Jan 26, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Doctor P chatted with Digital Journal about his concert at the PlayStation Theater in the heart of New York City tomorrow.
Doctor P
Doctor P
Fiona Garden
He will be performing at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square on January 27. "I try and bring the British bass music sound wherever I go, especially when I play shows like this with lots of American artists on the line-up. Part of my sound and my identity is being British, so I try and stay true to that with the music I play. I've recently been playing a lot more of the 'classic' tracks from a few years ago. I think people love hearing a few surprise classics in the set," he said.
He is drawn to electronic dance music due to the freedom of being able to "make music that sounded unique and different." "I still try and make my music sound interesting and different, but a lot of dance music sounds very similar to me these days. There are still lots of good artists making truly creative and interesting dance music though," he said.
Regarding his future plans. he said, "I don't have any solid plans for the future, aside from continuing to do what I do. I achieved all my original goals, so I'm try to find some new goals to work towards."
When asked what inspires his music, he said, "Inspiration comes from the least predictable places. You've just got to be open to it when inspiration strikes. Listening to music is a pretty good place to start when I'm trying to get inspired."
Method Man was his No. 1 dream collaboration choice, and he was fortunate enough to fulfill that a few years ago. "There are lots of good artists I'd like to collaborate with, but I do enjoy working alone on music most of the time," he said.
He underscored his "maximum respect" for his fans and followers.
For more information on electronic artist Doctor P, check out his official Facebook page.