Interview: Jess Pomerantz talks new EP 'Simple In Disguise'

Posted Jan 22, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Singer Jess Pomerantz chatted with Digital Journal about her breakthrough EP "Simple In Disguise," which was just released.
Jess Pomerantz
Jess Pomerantz
photo courtesy of Project Publicity
On the song selection of her new EP, Pomerantz said, "I've been writing music for a very long time. I always tried to be eclectic and unique. I wanted to dive into the pop-rock genre a little more. I wanted to give a little more insight into who I am with these songs."
She continued, "I am really big into lyrics. My goal is to deliver a strong message to help people deal and process their emotions. Ideally, my music will make them feel or escape, whatever they’re looking for at that time."
Pomerantz was mentored by her late cousin, Phoebe Snow, who was known for her 1970's platinum hit "Poetry Man." Snow's style of music has influenced Pomerantz as an artist, and she will continue her legacy. "She was my mother's first cousin. We got close when I was a teenager. She really influenced me, both personally and musically. Whenever I take the stage at the legendary Bitter End, I feel her spirit with me. She used to frequent the venue," she said.
The songstress will be headlining the One World Trade Center Observatory Exhibitionism, The Rolling Stones Edition, on Thursday, Jan 26, in an effort to celebrate the exhibit opening. "They approached me, which was really cool. I haven't been up there yet, but I can actually see it from my apartment window," she said.
Simple in Disguise is available on iTunes.
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