Review: Jackie Evancho horrid on national anthem at Trump inauguration

Posted Jan 20, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
On Jan. 20, music star Jackie Evancho sung the national anthem at the Trump inauguration, and butchered the "Star Spangled Banner."
Teen music superstar Jackie Evancho
Teen music superstar Jackie Evancho
Courtesy of Sony Music
There was clearly no emotion when Evancho performed the national anthem in Washington, D.C. She was not able to form a strong connection with the patriotic tune, as she normally does with her classical crossover recordings. Her performance was monotone, lackluster and boring; moreover, it felt as if one were watching a zombie singing auto-tune.
Even the high note that Evancho belted out in the end was not enough to save that disastrous vocal performance of hers. The sixteen-year-old songstress' voice was very shaky and unstable. The nerves in this situation got the best of her.
The Verdict
Overall, Jackie Evancho's performance of our national anthem at the Trump Inauguration garnered one out of five stars. As a vocalist, Evancho had the potential to do so much better.