Smart watch designed to monitor glucose levels

Posted Jan 16, 2017 by Tim Sandle
Wearable technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, especially in the health-related field. A new smart watch, equipped with a standard heart rate monitor and step counter, can also measure glucose levels.
The new device is the K’Track Glucose. It resembles a smart watch and it carries out its glucose measuring function by assessing the interstitial fluids of the skin. Interstitial fluid is a tissue fluid. It is the solution that bathes and surrounds the tissue cells of the skin. Interstitial fluid makes up 16 percent of a typical person’s total body weight. It serves the function of providing the body with nutrients and it also assists with waste removal.
Assessing glucose levels is very important for people who have diabetes. Because the glucose level in interstitial fluid is not exactly the same as the glucose levels in blood, the device applies a formula to provide a guideline about blood glucose levels. Continuous glucose monitoring is particularly useful for people with type 1 diabetes, and assist with the management of hypoglycaemia.
The new device has been manufactured by the company PKvitality, as reported by Digital Trends. The device was previewed at the January 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The key selling point is that the K’Track Glucose assesses glucose levels without the need for a blood test. Traditional assessments for glucose levels involve using a needle to take a blood sample and analysing this using a glucometer.
The K’Track Glucose deploys tiny microneedles, less than half a millimeter in diameter, to penetrate the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) and to enter the interstitial fluid layer. The collected sample is then analyzed using a built-in sensor. A result is obtained within a minute and the glucose level is displayed to the user via the watch screen. Data can be collected and trended over time.
The video below explains more about the device:
The K’Track Glucose retails at around $149. In addition, proprietary replacement capsules (the K’apsul) are required each month and these cost $100 each.
The manufacturer, PKvitalitym is developing a second device called the K’Track Athlete. This wearbale measures lactic acid levels, which is a performance indicator to determine how well muscles react to long-term exertion and recovery.