Donaire may drop Magdaleno for title fight against Oscar Valdez

Posted Jan 2, 2017 by Leo Reyes
Nonito Donaire has been angling a possible rematch against his most recent tormentor and mandatory challenger Jessie Magdaleno, who snatched his WBO super bantamweight tile last Nov. 5 in the undercard of the Pacquiao-Vargas title fight in Las Vegas, Nev.
Nonito Donaire
Nonito Donaire
Arvee Eco
A rematch between Magdaleno and Donaire would still be one of the fights that fans would possibly watch for the second time because the first fight was competitive and action-packed that the crowd enjoyed watching. Read more
But Donaire's promoter Bob Arum has other plans for him which may turn out to be a superior alternative to the proposed Magdaleno rematch.
Arum is working on a possible showdown between Donaire and Valdez for the the latter's WBO Featherweight belt.which he would be defending for the second time.
Valdez first won the title against Matías Rueda in July last year and successfully defended it against Hiroshige Osawa also in the undercard of the Pacquiao-Valdez fight at the Thomas and Mack Center.
While Arum is aware that Donaire wanted a rematch against Magdaleno because of his belief that he won the fight, Arum knows that Valdez would be a better match for "The Filipino Flash."
"That's a great fight for Donaire and it's a fight that we look to make for the first three months of the year. It would be Donaire at 126 fighting against Oscar Valdez," Arum told
The Donaire-Valdez fight is yet to be officially announced but it appears that it is good as done because Donaire has openly talked about the Valdez fight and his plan to move up again to 126 pounds even before his loss to Magdaleno.
"I definitely want to go back to 126 when I get done with 122. Valdez is an amazing fighter. He's a freaking hungry lion and a champion and an amazing person first and foremost. He's an amazing champion and that is definitely something to look forward too," Donaire told
Meanwhile, Arum is determined to make the fight happen with or without HBO in the mix.