Review: Taylor Carson rocks The Paramount, opens for O.A.R. Special

Posted Dec 30, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Acoustic rock singer-songwriter Taylor Carson performed at the Paramount on December 29, where he opened for headlining act O.A.R.
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson publicity photo
Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, Carson opened his set with "Waiting For Me," as red and blue lights dimmed from the stage. He was joined by fellow musician Mark Williams. "Thank you," he said. "Everybody doing well?"
It was followed by the raspy "Hey Baby," where purple lights graced the stage. After switching guitars, he continued with the laid-back and mellow "Annie Oakley Eyes."
"Everybody doing great?" he asked, and immediately broke into "Home." It was followed by the mid-tempo "Lucky Tonight."
Taylor Carson and Mark Roberge
Taylor Carson and Mark Roberge
Herman Canosa
For "Chain Reaction," he brought out a special musical guest, O.A.R. lead singer Marc Roberge, and they performed a neat duet, which was well-received by all. "Let's hear it for Taylor," Roberge said, complimenting his opener. In return, Carson joked that he convinced Roberge to come back later, implying O.A.R.'s headlining set.
Carson closed his set with "Freight Train," as red and white lights dimmed from the stage. "Have a great night everybody," he said, effusively.
The Verdict
Overall, Taylor Carson was able to warm up the stage for O.A.R. for the entire 30 minute duration of his set. His vocals were reminiscent of Rob Thomas meets Rod Stewart. He interacted well with The Paramount audience. His opening set garnered two thumbs up.
For more information on Taylor Carson, check out his official website and Facebook page.