Canada has a way for you to report bad drone drivers

Posted Dec 24, 2016 by Owen Weldon
The Canadian government wants bad drone drivers reported and they have come up with a way for the public to help them. They created a hotline.
Investigators in Paris have been left puzzled by a string of sightings of drones -- like this remote...
Investigators in Paris have been left puzzled by a string of sightings of drones -- like this remote-controlled helicopter, operated using a smartphone
Patrick Kovarik, AFP/File
The transportation ministry launched an online hotline for the public to report bad drone pilots. The hotline was launched on Wednesday, just in time for Christmas.
Transport Canada said the reporting tool is designed to keep Canadians safe from reckless drone use. The ministry has urged Canadians to use the website to report people who they believe is flying a drone in an irresponsible way without a permit.
Officials will review complaints and if they find a drone operator has broken the rules, then they could be penalized. They can be fined up to CAD$25,000 or they can be jailed.
Transport Canada gave a few examples of bad drone use. Some of these examples included flying at a high altitude, near aerodromes or flying to close to other aircraft.
The form asks those lodging a complaint to provide details of the incidents and to use pictographs to help identify the drone being used. The form also asks to include any video footage or photos.
MP Kate Young, Member of Parliament for London West and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, said Transport Canada is proud of the work it has been doing when it comes to drones.
Young has urged those who receive drones over the holidays to learn the rules. She added that this would keep the skies safe.
Last month, a Canadian Porter airlines flight was en-route to Toronto and was forced to avoid a collision with an object thought that be a drone. In 2016, the department issued over 4,000 Special Flight Operations Certificates, which are required to use an UAV. That figure is up 78 percent from the previous year.