Woman selling her positive pregnancy tests for cash

Posted Dec 19, 2016 by Owen Weldon
A woman in Florida is trying to get money to pay her way through college, so she's selling her positive pregnancy tests and urine.
The woman, who has not been identified, said she's paying for college by selling her urine and positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist. Her ad is targeting those in the Jacksonville-area. Her ad states that each positive test or urine sells for $30, but customers who have to travel more than 60 miles can get two tests for $35.
She said she got the idea after she went online looking for a job she could do while she is pregnant. Apparently she noticed other women doing it and she thought it would be easy to do.
After the first post, the money started to flow in. She said the money will be put towards paying off her college degree.
However, some on the Internet don't appear to be a fan of what the woman is doing.
The woman's ad reads that she is going on six months and she doesn't care what people use the tests or urine for. The post states that people should contact her by text and they can expect to get an immediate response. It also says people shouldn't contact her if they are going to be difficult and cheap.
As for how much she has made, she claims she has made as much as two hundred dollars in a single day. She said it was doing something she would have needed to do no matter what.
The woman said dozens of people responded to her ad. She said some people traveled very far. She added that she never asks what the pregnancy tests will be used for.
Some women advertise positive pregnancy tests online as a way to play a prank on someone or as a unique way to get a man to propose.