Op-Ed: Why Magdaleno-Donaire rematch would still sell

Posted Nov 23, 2016 by Leo Reyes
A rematch between Jessie Magdaleno and Nonito Donaire would still be one of the fights that fans would possibly watch for the second time because the first fight was competitive and action-packed that the crowd enjoyed watching.
Nonito Donaire
Nonito Donaire
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Donaire may have lost the fight on one or two points but losing in the scorecards by a wide margin is simply outrageous and unimaginable prompting Donaire to seek immediate rematch.
The fight which took place at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on Nov. 5 as part of the main supporting bouts of the Pacquiao-Vargas fight ended in a unanimous decision win for Magdaleno with the judges scoring in favor of the mandatory challenger. All three judges had Magdaleno well ahead at 116-112, 116-112, 118-110.
Donaire started slow in the opening round allowing Magdaleno to score in the early rounds. Donaire tried to make his presence felt when he landed a series of straight rights in the fourth round that resulted in a cut on Magdleno's left eyebrow.
It was a short-lived flurry from Donaire as he was outboxed by Magdaleno from the fifth round onward to the eighth round. In the ninth round, Magdaleno caught Donaire with a left counter that sent the "Filipino Flash scampering" for safety.
Realizing he was lagging behind on points, Donaire made a last ditch effort to reverse the situation and he was successful but the last two rounds that he got was not enough to offset his early round deficits.
After the fight, Donaire and his new trainer claimed they were cheated on the scorecards. "I definitely won the fight. Losing never crossed my mind,” said Donaire. “I never thought I could lose this. I had a great second half and I thought I controlled the fight. This is unbelievable." he added.
Bob Arum, who promotes both fighters is receptive to the idea of a possible rematch next year but he said he hasn't talked to them yet.
"The truth is, I haven't talked to either of them, but people did question the result of that fight and a rematch could very well be appealing. It certainly would be appealing to me, but I can't say that I've talked to either of them yet," Arum told
Because of the perceived flawed scoring as alleged by the Donaire camp as well as the competitiveness of the fight, it is likely that Arum will make the rematch possible early next year.