Review: Jessie Chris releases delightful music video for '1963' Special

Posted Nov 17, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Country sweetheart Jessie Chris has released her new music for "1963," and it is extremely delightful. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Jessie Chris
Jessie Chris
Paige Nelson photography
Just when one though that Jessie Chris could not get any better, she proves her fans and listeners wrong again, with the release of her new music video for "1963." The song itself garnered a favorable review from Digital Journal, and rightfully so.
Chris' music video has a neat story-line to it, and it helps elevates the already beautiful single to a higher level. It is great to see Chris jam on the electric guitar. It is no wonder that she is a face of Radio Disney's anti-bullying campaign.
The Verdict
Overall, Jessie Chris does a stunning job on her "1963" music video. She makes the listener want to go back in time, via a time machine, to the year 1963. She is one of those singers that always makes you smile, no matter what music she releases. She has yet to disappoint. This music video garners five out of five stars.