Review: Criss Angel back with awesome new television show 'Trick'D Up' Special

Posted Oct 16, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
World renowned magician Criss Angel is back with his newest television show, "Trick'd Up" on the A&E network, and it is pretty badass.
Magician Criss Angel
Magician Criss Angel
It included cameos from many of his fellow magicians that perform with him in The Supernaturalists, as well as in his Mindfreak Live! shows. One of the most impressive tricks involved Angel locating a signed bill out of a hundred bills, which he was then able to stab it with a knife. It was great to see him perform some street magic with the assistance of some random people, during which he sat on a chair with a white cloth on him, then made himself disappear as they uncovered the cloth. He suddenly reappeared in a different, distant location, leaving his fans spellbound.
Another standout was "Criss-Ka-Bob," where he was placed on a kabob stick in a restaurant, and balanced himself on it, and was spun around by his magician friends, prior to the kabob stick impaling him in the stomach. One of the highlights of the show included Angel ripping UFC fighter Paige VanZant in two, among other remarkable demonstrations performed by the world's finest magician.
The Verdict
Criss Angel is able to sustain one's attention the entire time in his new television show Trick'D Up. He is always reinventing himself and keeping things fresh. His show is high-octane and extraordinary. It garners an A+ rating.
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