Review: Hicks releases duet 'Stomp A Little Louder' with Steve Wariner Special

Posted Oct 11, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Swedish country artist Hicks is back with his new song "Stomp A Little Louder," where he collaborates with veteran country star Steve Wariner.
Courtesy of Hicks, used with permission.
A country rocker, Hicks co-wrote this new song with Grammy winner Steve Wariner. Wariner's son, Ryan, is featured on guitar. "Stomp a Little Louder" has an upbeat, country-rock vibe to it, and Hicks just kills it, as he shreds the electric guitar.
The music video for "Stomp a Little Louder" was directed by Nick Del Toro, and it captures the mood and energy of the song quite well.
The Verdict
Overall, Hicks delivers on his new song "Stomp a Little Louder." The inclusion of Grand Ole Opry member Steve Wariner on this project makes it even better. Hicks shows his fans and listeners how to have a good time, and this song is anthemic in its nature. It garners four out of five stars.
Hicks has music that is available on iTunes.
To learn more about Swedish country singer-songwriter Hicks, check out his official website and on his Facebook page.