Review: Sebastian Bach puts on soaring rock show at Mulcahy's in New York Special

Posted Oct 2, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
On Oct. 1, Sebastian Bach, the former lead singer of Skid Row, performed at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall for an excellent turnout.
Sebastian Bach
Sebastian Bach
Sebastian Bach publicity photo
Bach was backed by a talented three-piece band that included Brent Woods on lead guitar, Bobby Jarzombek on drums, as well as Rob DeLuca on bass.
He opened his set with "Little Wing," where he tipped his hat to the late but great Jimi Hendrix. "How are you doing Long Island?" he asked, and it was met with a raucous response as everybody's iPhones lit up.
"We got any Skid Row fans here tonight?" Bach asked, and immediately broke into "Breakin' Down," which featured neat acoustic guitar instrumentation by Brent Woods, as he displayed his wide vocal range. He has everybody clapping along, as yellow lights dimmed from the stage.
"Alright Mulcahy's. Don't get scared. We'll get the electrical guitar out soon," he said, prior to underscoring that he does not believe in soundchecks, especially since Bach would rather perform his 'soundcheck' in front of people, as opposed to sing five songs earlier in the day, where nobody would hear him.
"It's great to see you guys. Where's the doughnuts?" he asked, and a fan brought a box of Dunkin' Donuts munchkins to the stage. "Now I feel like I'm playing Mulcahy's," he admitted.
Bach noted that the following song deals with drinks and alcohol, and he went on to perform "Battle With the Bottle," where white lights graced the stage, as he sat on a stool, and showcased his ability to hit the high notes.
"Don't forget to tip your waitress," he told his Long Island fans. "Let's see if you remember this one," he said, prior to singing "18 and Life," where he encouraged everybody to sing along. The response to this song was enormous, and it felt like a true rock anthem.
"It's fucking awesome tonight, Mulcahy's," Bach said. "I wanna thank everybody here," he added, prior to adding that he has been doing rock and roll for almost 30 years. "It's actually 27 years but who's counting," he admitted.
Bach shared that he has a book coming out, which is 450 pages long, and it deals with the fights and drugs, and he doesn't hold anything back in it. "If you are a Skid Row fan, you'll dig it," he promised, prior to continuing with "Quicksand Jesus," a popular song among his fans.
He continued with the acoustic-driven "I Remember You," as green and yellow lights alternated on the stage. He reminded his Long Island fans that he might bring out the electric guitar after this song.
The Verdict
Overall, Sebastian Bach put on a badass live rock show at Mulcahy's. He was able to command the stage the entire time, and his set was nostalgic and spitfire at the same time. He showcased his classically trained voice, and his entire band rocked as well, especially Brent Woods on the lead guitar. His show garnered an A rating.