Arizona newspaper backs first democrat in 126 years

Posted Sep 28, 2016 by Owen Weldon
A conservative newspaper in Arizona has threw their support behind Hillary Clinton. It is the first time the newspaper has done so in its 126-year history.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leaves after speaking during a North Carolina Democr...
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leaves after speaking during a North Carolina Democratic Party Rally at Wake Technical Community College
Brendan Smialowski, AFP
The Arizona Republic published an editorial on Tuesday. It said that the challenges America faces both domestically and internationally require a cool head and the ability to think carefully before taking actions. The newspaper added that Hillary Clinton understood that, but Donald Trump doesn't.
Clinton's ability to lead with intelligence was cited by the Arizona Republic. The newspaper also cited that Trump lacks the ability to lead with intelligence.
The endorsement mentioned how Trump has yet to allow Americans to scrutinize his tax returns, which may help the people judge his claims of having the ability to make quick and good judgement.
Ever since the Arizona Republic started in 1890, they have never endorsed a Democrat over a Republican for president. The newspaper said this year was different than previous years.
The endorsement said Trump responds to those who criticize him with verbal spit wads. It added that when the president of the United States speaks, the world doesn't expect a blistering tweet, they expect substance.
Clinton's use of a private email server and foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation were mentioned as some of her flaws. The newspaper admitted that Clinton has made serious missteps, but she was still the only candidate who can heal America's divisions as president.
The endorsement ended by saying Hillary Clinton has an opportunity. It said she can reach out to those who have felt like they have been left behind and she can move the country beyond rancor and incivility.