Op-Ed: Trump details his 'America-first energy plan' at conference

Posted Sep 23, 2016 by Karen Graham
As the keynote speaker at the annual Shale Insight conference in downtown Pittsburgh, Thursday night, Donald Trump outlined his plans for pushing his fossil fuel agenda.
Fossil fuels create tons of greenhouse gases.
Fossil fuels create tons of greenhouse gases.
The conference was hosted by Marcellus Shale Coalition, the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association. About 1,200 industry representatives were in attendance as Trump detailed the energy plan he will put into play if elected president, according to EcoWatch.
Saying the country need an "America-First energy plan," the Donald outlined all the things he plans to do to accomplish that, including opening up federal lands and offshore waters to oil and gas drilling. Of course, the attendees inside the David L. Lawrence convention center liked what they were hearing.
Trump told the audience that by rolling back restrictions on shale production, he would create 500,000 new jobs every year while raising the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) more than $100 billion every year, reports Breitbart. That statement all by itself is enough to choke a horse, but the audience clapped enthusiastically.
Correct the Record
But when Trump started describing how he would scrap the $5 trillion Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan and the Clean Power Plan, I nearly choked, myself.
“I will rescind the coal mining lease moratorium, the excessive Interior Department stream rule, and conduct a top-down review of all anti-coal regulations issued by the Obama Administration,” he vowed, adding, "I will refocus the EPA on its core mission of ensuring clean air, and clean, safe drinking water for all Americans."
It was a different story for the hundreds of anti-Trump protesters outside the convention center. “Trump is thumbing his nose at the Paris climate agreement ,” said protester and Clinton supporter, Ray Roberts of Pittsburgh. It is interesting that for a major segment of the residents of Pennsylvania, Trump's message is nothing more than a bunch of hogwash.
Donald J. Trump
Rick Bloomingdale, a labor activist, told KPIX News, "Donald Trump's history of outsourcing jobs and moving jobs overseas is a direct counterpoint to what he says he's going to do. ...If he were elected, it would be an awful thing."
Donald Trump is very good at playing to his audience, telling them what they want to hear, and in this case, it was the energy industry. He has done the same for white Americans and Christians, spewing his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim filth for no other reason than to get votes and create rebellion.
How stupid does he think we are? Greenpeace USA spokesperson Cassady Sharp agrees. "Donald Trump proved again that he is an unfit leader with no grasp on reality," she said. And the reality is this: Trump is a demagogue, a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and appealing to emotions rather than facts.