NBA Trade Rumors: Anthony Davis To Warriors possible?

Posted Sep 15, 2016 by Larry Seely
This time of year things are usually slow on the NBA news front and that tends to lead into trade speculation on social media and while most of these deals are one-sided and spurned on by fans, every once in awhile you get one that makes sense.
No.1 pick Anthony Davis
No.1 pick Anthony Davis
Recent reports have Golden State looking to get even stronger, if that's possible with a deal that would land them center Anthony Davis. The youngster was recently cleared to return to basketball after another injury cut last season short and while trading away such a talent isn't always a good move, he has yet to play a full season for New Orleans, making it tough on the franchise to build a winning tradition.
The potential deal would have power forward Draymond Green and point guard Shaun Livingston going to the Bayou and the former first overall pick headed to the bay area.
This deal was presented to the Trade Machine on ESPN and it works for both organizations. According to the results, Golden State would win approximately four more games than the current roster and set this franchise up with a player young enough to help for the next decade. The results weren't as kind to the Pelicans, but it would give them two younger players with plenty of upside and more depth to a roster that has struggled with health in recent years.
The 23-year-old is key in this potential trade, having averaged 24 points and 10 rebounds last season. It would give the Warriors a reliable NBA center and a major upgrade at the position. Green averaged 14 points and seven rebounds last season, but his passing abilities and hustle make him one of the best all-around players in the game.
No official reports of a deal have been mentioned on any of the bigger sport sites, but it is a deal worth mentioning as it helps both franchises with areas of need on their current squads. It would be a blockbuster move and change the landscape of the league, likely making the Warriors team the best ever on paper an in line to win multiple championships if they can keep the roster intact for the next few years.