Interview: Tara Thompson discusses new EP, single, Loretta Lynn Special

Posted Sep 12, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Country songstress Tara Thompson chatted with Digital Journal about her new EP, as well as her lead single "Someone To Take Your Place."
Tara Thompson
Tara Thompson
Courtesy of The Valory Music Co., used with permission
Regarding her EP, Someone To Take Your Place, Thompson said, "I wanted to give a little variety, because I have 11 songs recorded. The five that we chose for the EP are set in stone and they are all very personal to me, because I co-wrote all of them."
She revealed that her slow song "Pregnant At The Prom" was about her mother, her love song is called "Jail" and the funny "Vows" is about her sister's wedding, which never happened. Her single is the title track, "Someone To Take Your Place" and she noted that "Side Effects" is Thompson to the tee. "I gave you a little bit of a variety there," she said.
Her two favorite songs on this project include "Jail" and "Pregnant At The Prom." She listed Country Music Hall of Famer Willie Nelson and William Michael Morgan as her dream male duet choices. "I'm obsessed with Willie Nelson. That would be a dream come true," she said. "If I had to pick a modern day country artist, I would have to say William Michael Morgan. He is super-country, I am totally digging his music, and I would love to do something with him someday. We would make a great duet."
Thompson's grandmother is Loretta Lynn's first cousin. "Their dads were brothers, and they grew up together in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, and it just goes down the line. I'm her first cousin twice removed, but we are a close family, and she is very supportive of my career and she is a fan, and I'm a fan of hers. I got her approval," Thompson said, with a sweet laugh.
She began the year on the CMT "Next Women of Country" Tour, where she opened for Jennifer Nettles and Brandy Clark, and was praised for her performance at this year's CMA Music Fest. Thompson spent the summer playing fairs and festivals, thus gathering new fans across America. "My live performance bring my songs to a whole new level. You get to see the full band and I bring a lot of energy to the stage, and we do different things to get crowd engagement," she said.
She had nothing but kind words for her record label, The Valory Music Company. "I think it is so cool," she said.
For more information on country singer Tara Thompson, check out her official website.