Interview: Olivia Rose Keegan discusses music and acting career Special

Posted Sep 1, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Days of Our Lives actress Olivia Rose Keggan chatted with Digital Journal about her experience on the soap, and her music career.
Olivia Rose Keegan
Olivia Rose Keegan
KC Armstrong
On playing Claire Brady on Days of Our Lives, she said, "It has been amazing. I joined one of the longest-running television programs ever and the feeling that comes along with that is like no other. This show has literally grown into families' bloodlines and has been passed through generations to become a tradition. It's also hard to imagine a character that would be more fun to portray than Claire."
In addition, Keegan has had songs featured in episodes of Days of our Lives. "Although I am singing on the tracks, they aren't really my songs; however, I genuinely love them! They did a fantastic job and it has been the greatest platform. I always thought that I would have to keep my acting and my music separate or even choose which one I wanted to focus on, so it couldn't have worked out better."
This past March, she released her first studio album. "An opportunity like that is so rare. I am very lucky that both of my passions were able to simultaneously grow and progress. Although I was not involved in the creation of the songs, I happen to really love them all. They were all written and composed by Genesee Nelson, and were produced by her dad, the musical director, Brent Nelson. Putting together an album was a mutual idea that sounded very fun for all of us," she said.
Regarding the song selection process for the album, she said, "Five out of the six songs on the album have aired or will air on the show. The other one had been previously played on the show by a different artist. After recording many of the songs, we realized that we had enough material to make an EP and decided to go forward with the idea."
On her future plans, she said, "I plan to learn as much as I can, be happy, be healthy, and do things that I believe in. I am also working on my own music, and will have more information soon. People can expect an indie, contemporary, slightly 60s psychedelic and three-dimensional flare."
Each day, Keegan is motivated by contentment. "Happiness is such a cool thing, and since I know that I like being happy, I do whatever it takes. I also like to be a self-motivated person, so I think that in itself is a chain reaction," she said.
For aspiring singers and actors, she said, "If you know that you are doing what you love most and working hard to achieve your goals, then trust that something will happen and don’t try and keep control of everything. The rest is out of your hands."
She listed Kanye West and John Mayer as her dream male duet choices. "In a way, Kanye is living in the future with his sounds and always innovating. It's very easy for him to transform something into the mainstream, whether that is because he has such a huge influence on music or because he sees what's in the future. He's fearless, which is something that I feel would be infectious in the studio. John Mayer is an amazing guitarist and songwriter who I would love to learn from."
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