Review: Nick Tangorra releases clever lyric video for 'Boo Hoo' single Special

Posted Aug 4, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Pop star Nick Tangorra is back with his newest lyric video for his refreshing single "Boo Hoo." He is signed to Epic Records.
Nick Tangorra of Nick Tangorra Band
Nick Tangorra of Nick Tangorra Band
Rafe Tangorra
The lyrics go along well with Nick Tangorra's new song, "Boo Hoo," which has an electro-pop vibe to it, reminiscent of a Diplo and Skrillex collaboration.
"Got me thinking that it's finally over, I can't do this no more, you couldn't go any lower, if you fell through the floor," Tangorra sings, in the opening verse. Many listeners can relate to this song due to its straight-forward break-up message. Tangorra's velvet vocals elevate it to a higher level, beyond the regular break up song.
The Verdict
With a song the caliber of "Boo Hoo," Nick Tangorra is poised for super-stardom. It is no wonder that the tune has gone viral on the Internet. Its lyric video garners two thumbs up.
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To check out "Boo Hoo" on iTunes, click here.