Chatting with Molly Adele Brown: Country music and Luke Bryan Special

Posted Aug 2, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Up-and-coming country singer Molly Adele Brown chatted with Digital Journal about her career, future plans, influences and Luke Bryan.
Molly Adele Brown
Molly Adele Brown
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She is drawn to country music since it tells a story. "I love how each song takes you on a personal journey and gives you a beginning, middle and end. I am able to let out emotions and feelings through country music, not all genres of music give you that capability. To me that is what sets country music apart from other styles," she said.
On her plans for the future, Brown said, "I plan on shooting for the stars. My family has given me the strength to keep my head up and power through any struggles that come up with the life of being a professional artist. Right now, I am focusing on gathering a fan-base while I am writing original material. I find that if I set small goals each day before you know it you have accomplished that and even more. "
Her latest EP Red, White & Booze is available on iTunes. "This EP is a compilation of my first four full-mastered songs. This mini-album takes you on a journey through some of the best highs and lows of my life in the past few years. Now I am working on new material that I am looking to release in the new year," she said.
Brown's greatest musical influences range from Jimmy Buffett to Luke Bryan and reigning CMA "Female Vocalist of the Year" Miranda Lambert. "Growing up every Saturday my parrot-head parents would wake me up to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett blasting through the house. At the time I thought they were the craziest people to walk on earth but as I got older I began to appreciate the fun yet laid back feel that Jimmy manages to capture. As I explored the music world I was able to take influence from other artists such as Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert," she explained.
Speaking of Luke Bryan, she listed him at the top of her list as her dream male duet choice. "I know we would crush a bottle of whiskey and tear down the house. He puts on a show that leaves you wanting to dance and it would be a blast to be up on the stage with him dancing my butt off," she said.
For her fans, she concluded, "Hang on tight its going to be a bumpy and thrilling ride. I have a passion and work ethic that no one can stop and know that in the long run it will all pay off."
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