Which county has the best health service?

Posted Jul 17, 2016 by Tim Sandle
Which country has the best healthcare system configured to meet the demands of future health needs? This question has been answered by Philips through the Future Health Index, and the answers are surprising.
A South Korean medical worker (C) talks with a visitor (L) in front of the emergency section at the ...
A South Korean medical worker (C) talks with a visitor (L) in front of the emergency section at the Samsung Medical Centre in Seoul on June 11, 2015
Jung Yeon-Je, AFP/File
The Future Health Index (FHI) is an in-depth survey commissioned by the corporation Phillips (a company investing heavily in healthcare technology.) The aim of the survey was to produce a “snapshot of how healthcare is experienced on both sides of the patient-professional divide” and, according to PM magazine, to “document how these experiences change over time.”
Coming in at number one on the list is the United Arab Emirates, with the Netherlands in second place. Positions for other countries include the UK at 9th Germany at 11th and Japan at 13th.
How scientific and robust the survey metrics are is open to interpretation. The survey is drawn from the views of 200 healthcare professionals and 2,000 patients, in relation to each country surveyed. The views of those surveyed are scored, with a possible maximum score of 100. Here the United Arab Emirates scored 65.3 points.
One reason given for the high placement of the United Arab Emirates was because the respondents, with a look to the future, saw connected care technology as important for improving daily healthy living. One common finding across the nations surveyed was that technology is a generational issue, for both healthcare professionals and patients.
The top ten countries are:
1 United Arab Emirates 65.3 points
2 The Netherlands 58.9 points
3 China 58.1 points
4 Australia 57.9 points
5 Singapore 57.7 points
6 United States 57.4 points
7 Sweden 57.3 points
8 South Africa 56.7 points
9 United Kingdom 56.4 points
10 France 54.6 points
With these findings, ManufacturingChemist (@manchempharma) tweeted: "Cost is a barrier to healthcare in #SouthAfrica reveals the first Future Health Index released by @Philips." Similarly, Health Ways (@Rural_Health_) opined: "First Future #Health Index reveals developed markets have better access to #healthcare."
In related health news, the rate of spending on health in the U.S. looks set to exceed the growth of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) over the next decade. This is based on a survey undertaken by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. According to PM Live, the survey data indicates that health expenditure will grow by an average of 5.8 percent per year up to 2025. This trajectory is 1.3 percentage points faster than GDP growth.