NZ town has too many jobs and wants to recruit outsiders

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Owen Weldon
A tiny town in New Zealand has launched a drive to recruit outsiders because of its unique problem. It has too many jobs available.
Milford Sound  New Zealand
New Zealand is a very beautiful country with great landscapes and friendly people. It advertises itself as having world class medical care but ships people to Australia for treatment of cancer and eating disorders.
Carol Forsloff
The town, Kaitangata on the South Island, is offering new residents house and land packages at great prices. The town is hoping this will entice those living in the city to relocate.
Home to 800 people, Kaitangata's scheme involves offering house and land packages for NZ$230,000 ($163,000) in hopes that people will be tempted to live there.
The mayor of the Clutha district, which includes the town, said there are upwards of 1,000 jobs vacant. Bryan Cadogan added that local residents are unable to meet the demand.
Cadogen said there are hundreds and hundreds of good paying jobs that give a person a chance to work at places such as cheese and milk formula factories and sawmills.
Cadogen said he had a family to feed and he was unemployed at one time. He said Clutha gave him a chance and now he wants other Kiwi families to have that opportunity.
The mayor said they have gotten youth unemployment down to two (as in two unemployed young people, not 2 percent) and that he is in despair over how many Kiwi families are forced to live nowadays.
Evan Dick, a dairy farmer in Kaitangata, said that a lot of people in New Zealand cannot attain the Kiwi dream because of the housing crisis. Dick, who is pushing the recruitment drive, added that in Kaitangata the dream is still a reality.