Interview: Actress Candace Smith talks Million Dollar Matchmaker Special

Posted Jun 10, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Actress Candace Smith chatted with Digital Journal about being on WE TV's "Million Dollar Matchmaker," and her biggest motivations.
Candace Smith
Candace Smith
Violeta Meyners
On being on WE TV's "Million Dollar Matchmaker," she said, "It has been an incredible experience joining the WE TV family and filming with Patti Stanger again! I know fans will be excited because the new show is so fresh with surprises every episode. I have learned so much from Patti and worked incredibly hard. I am grateful that this time around I play a much bigger role. I am the only matchmaker to appear in every episode while other matchmakers make appearances."
Regarding her plans for the future, she said, "I'm most excited about the theatrical release of the feature film 'My Father, Die,' in which I play the heroine Nana. The film is a gritty, action thriller set in the South. To play a Black woman who is beautiful, yet strong, empowered, nurturing, intelligent and most importantly a survivor was a blessing. These characters don’t come around at all. I would have never thought Sean Brosnan could create a character like Nana with so many layers. This was one of the most challenging experiences of my life because of the dark material, stunts and set conditions. I feel there is a double standard in the film industry in regards to action heroes. There is more emphasis placed on the authenticity of a male actor’s stunts, handling of the guns, intensity and believability. Whereas, female actors are given a pass as long as they are beautiful and seem tough enough in the scene. On the set of My Father, Die, there were no double standards. I did many of my own stunts and luckily already had experience with firearms from growing up in the South. This film is the biggest accomplishment in my life and I’m excited to share with the world."
Each day, she is motivated by her family. "My family motivates me every day because of their strong values, character and work ethic. I am from Dayton, Ohio but spent all my summers in the South. Most of who I am stems from what I was taught by my family as well as what I observed. My family is very loving, strong, hard working and puts God first. During difficult days, I think of them and I’m ready to get back on the grind," she said.
"I mostly stay connected with my fans via my website and my social media. As hectic as my days get, I like to be involved with my fans directly versus having someone else handling my social media. I know fans by their first name who have had my back for a decade now and I’m incredibly grateful."
For her fans, she concluded, "I want to tell my fans thank you for taking this journey with me and always supporting me. I’m unique in the sense that I have an acting career but I also happen to appear on reality TV, which can be confusing to many people. It is natural to want to put someone in a box, but that is not possible with me. I have both a Psychology and law degree and have been a life and love coach for many years. I have also been acting for many years and started in theatre at the age of 10. So, my fans get it and get me, which I love."