Chatting with Christopher Allan: Medium and psychic Special

Posted Jun 7, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Well-respected psychic and medium Christopher Allan chatted with Digital Journal about his gift and plans for the future.
Christopher Allan
Christopher Allan
Christopher Allan courtesy photo
When asked when he first discovered his gift, he said, "It's one of those things that finds you, and you don't find it, and once you are in it, you are in it for life. I was raised wanting to do something with music and songwriting and always thought that I would be able to support my musical aspirations by sharing this ability with people. Once I realized that it was well-received, it snowballs and before you know it, it becomes your life."
Allan has been a professional psychic and medium ever since the age of 26, when he established a dedicated following.
Regarding his plans for the future, Allan said, "Right now, I am trying to keep doing what I am doing, and I am working on several projects that I have on the table. I also want to incorporate my music into my readings. In my live events, I've learned to kind of bridge music into this. That's my main goal. I have been focusing a lot on my summer events in the tri-state area."
He received a nomination for "Best Psychic" in the 2014 "Best of Long Island Press." "That was really cool. Every year, I have been fortunate to make this list. Just to be recognized is an honor and it makes you feel like you are doing something right," he said.
When asked if he would ever write a book about his work, he responded, "I actually wrote a lot of material for a book about two or three years ago, and I had it all planned out, but I had a house fire and I lost everything including my book."
Ever since the house fire, he took that as a sign to incorporate what he's learned from losing everything into a new book about his gift and overcoming his own life's struggles.
To learn more about psychic and medium Christopher Allan, check out his official website.