Texas man gets 38 years for shooting dead Iraqi man new to U.S.

Posted May 24, 2016 by Marcus Hondro
A young man has been found guilty in Dallas, Texas of shooting to death a man newly arrived to the U.S. The Iraqi victim was taking photos of the first snowfall he had ever seen when he was shot dead.
Iraqi man shot
A jury in a Dallas courtroom found 18-year-old Nykerion Nealon guilty in the killing of 36-year-old Ahmed al-Jumaili. Al-Jumali, who had just arrived in America three weeks before with his wife, was with her and his brother in a parking area of their apartment on March 4, 2015.
The trio were snapping pictures of the snow, something the now-deceased man, and his wife, had never witnessed before. Nealon claims he shot al-Jumali because someone had fired at his girlfriend's apartment building and he was out looking for the person responsible.
However, al-Jumali did not have a gun and did not fire at Nealon's girlfriend's apartment building. Indeed, he had come to the U.S. to get away from the violence in Iraq. There was no substantiation anyone fired at Nealon's girlfriend's apartment building.
Fired 14 shots
While Nealon could have received a life sentence his lawyer, Russell Wilson, still felt his client's sentence was too long. He argued it was not his client who fired the 14 shots from an AK-47, but the testimony of those with Nealon at the time said his client pulled the trigger.
Further, admitted as evidence was Nealon's computer history, which showed that after the killing he researched how to beat a murder charge and how to survive in prison. Testimony at trial characterized Nealon as a "gun fanatic."
While Nealon's lawyer found the sentence too harsh, the family of al-Jumali did not. "Nothing can ever bring back Ahmed," a spokesman for the family said.
"No punishment, however slight or however large, can bring him back," the statement added. "But they do feel that justice has been rendered today."