NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard to NY Knicks?

Posted May 22, 2016 by Larry Seely
After finishing second in the Eastern Conference just three years ago, it's been a rough road for the NY Knicks. With no picks in the upcoming NBA Draft, the front office will need to use free agency to add some talent to this squad.
Leonel Henriquez
Speculation and rumors have been buzzing on social media on potential moves Phil Jackson and his staff can do this summer to give Carmelo Anthony one last chance at winning a championship, and with some good young talent, it appears adding a veteran is the best option.
Nikko Villanueva of MNR Daily has reported that Dwight Howard is expected to opt-out of his current contract with the Houston Rockets and become a free agent. The report goes on to say the 30-year-old has already expressed interest in coming to New York, but the front office must decide if spending $20+ million on a center that has played his best basketball is in the best interest of the franchise.
It's true New York needs a center and despite his second-lowest scoring average since entering the league back in 2004, some feel his role with the Rockets had more to do with his drop in stats, despite back and hip issues that made the seven-footer look stiff at times this past season.
A closer look at his numbers also prove numbers can lie. The former first round pick shot a career high 62 percent from the floor and his 11.8 rebounds per game showed he can still dominate on the glass.
Bleacher Report has suggested that Howard could return to Orlando or move on to Portland, which would improve both teams, but the Magic already have a good center and the Trail Blazers, despite making the NBA Playoffs this season, lack the media of a big city team and that could cost Howard millions in endorsement money, making the NY Knicks the front-runner for his services.