Interview: Medium Robert Hansen discusses his new book Special

Posted May 21, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Long Island psychic and medium Robert Hansen sat down and chatted with Digital Journal at his studio in Merrick, New York, about his new book, "Windows Without Walls."
Robert E. Hansen
Robert E. Hansen
Robert E. Hansen
Most recently, he had two shows at Adelphi University, where he promoted his brand new book. "It was great. We had a full turnout for both. We had an opportunity to explain the process of readings, and we also spoke about the book. Windows Without Walls was introduced to the public for the first time, and I did open session readings, where I accessed this gift given to me to help other people, and we had some really beautiful readings done," he said. "The audience got the chance to meet Dom, my partner, in the flesh. There were so many people that contributed to making it a great day. The weather was great and the place was stunningly beautiful. I really couldn't have asked for a better day of readings."
Hansen continued, "The purpose of the Adelphi event on Sunday was to professionally capture on film, and now it is in the editing process, so that it can be presented to the right people. Our agenda has always been to help people that are dealing with grief and to experience mediumship on a very authentic and direct level, and not fall under the spell of some folks who try to do a scam reading to people who are brokenhearted."
This book is a compilation of five years of Hansen's personal anecdotes and stories, which was put together by a professional team. "When I started to read it myself, I almost couldn't believe that I wrote all of it, and in truth I did," he said. "Some people call it a channeled writing, and I think that is fair to some degree."
To learn more about medium Robert Hansen and his new book, check out his official homepage.