Interview: Actress Tracey Birdsall talks new film 'Who's Jenna' Special

Posted May 2, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Actress Tracey Birdsall chatted with Digital Journal about the new romantic comedy "Who's Jenna." She also offered advice for aspiring actors.
Tracey Birdsall
Tracey Birdsall
Tracey Birdsall publicity photo
On her new romantic comedy, "Who's Jenna," she said, "It is a very hilarious comedy with a very big cast to say the least! I play the lead role of Jenna Casey – an attorney, who meets and begins dating Jonathan (played by Bill Sorvino) – a financial advisor. Jonathan’s best friend Andy (played by Joe Donofrio) is obsessed with adult films in a hilarious way, and I remind him of one of the more prolific actresses in his favorite movies. Obviously, Jonathan doesn’t want to hear about his best friend’s obsessive carrying on… nor is he very excited when he finds out that his boss Barcia is also my brother-in-law (Garry Pastore) – who’s trying to blackmail Jonathan."
Regarding her plans for 2016, she said, "2016 is a gigantic year for me! Who's Jenna premieres May 20, 2016, Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (a spectacular science fiction film about Artificial Intelligence having taken over the worlds) will release in a few months, Diary of a Fatman (of which I play myself – another hilarious comedy) premieres at Cannes next month, and At the Edge of Time (a science fiction time travel film) should be released by the end of the year! I’m also set to play the female lead opposite Harry Lennix this summer in Dance of the Blue Tattoo. Obviously, I have no social life!"
On being on "Young and The Restless" and "Family Ties," she said, "I love television because of the predictableness of it all! I would actually love to do television again at some point. Working in film is like finding a new family on each film… you live and work in close proximity to the same people for a couple of months at a time. In television, that never changes – although you get Guests, etc. It’s very consistent and the arcs are fewer and further between. I’m finding great joy in the films I’m doing lately, as the characters are vastly different and the arcs are huge. I just love it all – film and television. I love bringing characters to life and humanity to what was previously only on the page. It’s thrilling and addictive to my brain."
For aspiring actors, she said, "If you can do anything else, or another career sounds interesting and exciting, do it! Being an actor is truly one of the hardest jobs in the world. If being an actor and bringing characters to life is your life calling, never underestimate how hard it’s going to be. Work at it every day like a full-time job and study every method until it becomes part of your core. Once you have all the techniques in your tool belt, learn to live it – to become the character. Train constantly until you’re working constantly. Constantly add to your tool belt for when opportunities arise (singing, dancing, working out, whatever it is that you can learn to make you more valuable to those who hire you). Enjoy every moment of the journey, and appreciate those around you… never forget appreciation."
She listed Daniel Day Lewis, Johnny Depp, James Franco and Leonardo DiCaprio as her dream male acting partners. "Leonardo's performance in The Revenant was astounding," she said.
For her fans she concluded, "First of all, I just love the following that this film has even prior to release! I so appreciate the out-pouring of love and 'can’t waits!' that I’ve received. As an actor, we just love it when people are so excited about a project that we are doing! Secondly, to answer a question I get all the time (but never answer!) you will not see me naked… as a matter of fact, there’s a lot more skin in Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter than there is in Who's Jenna. I don’t know why I get asked that all the time, but it is hilarious. Thirdly, this film is really funny, and worth the wait. It does not disappoint! So thank you for the kind words over social media and the like, it really means a lot to me."
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