Doctor seen fighting Uber driver in viral video fired

Posted Apr 23, 2016 by Arthur Weinreb
The fourth-year neurology resident who gained notoriety in January when a video of her physical fight with an Uber driver went viral is now in the process of being fired from the hospital she was doing her residency in.
Uber driver holding on to Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon to prevent her from hitting him.
Uber driver holding on to Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon to prevent her from hitting him.
Screen capture from YouTube video
Yesterday, the Jackson Health System in Miami issued a statement saying Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon, 30, is in the process of being fired as a result of her actions caught on video in January. Ramkissoon has been on administrative leave and removed from all clinical duties since the video first surfaced.
The incident occurred during the early morning hours of Jan. 17. CBS Miami reports a man, Juan Cinco, called for an Uber driver and when the car arrived, Ramkissoon jumped in the back seat. Although Cinco told the driver he could cancel his ride, the driver refused to take Ramkissoon. After the doctor left the vehicle and began to fight with the driver, Cinco began recording the incident.
The video begins with Ramkissoon yelling at the driver as he is holding her hands supposedly to prevent her from striking him. The driver is heard repeatedly saying, "Call 911."
The petite doctor, wearing white shorts and an orange top, tries to hit the driver and then knees him in the groin. He pushes her and then gets back in the car. Ramkissoon ends up on the ground from the push but quickly jumps up and goes into the front passenger seat of the car. The driver then gets out.
After the driver left the car, the doctor continues to yell at him saying "Get in the f*****g car. Get the f**k in the car. Get the f**k in the car you piece of s**t. Get the f**k in the car."
Next she throws things in the car out the passenger window including voluminous pieces of paper that scatter along the street, a cellphone, and a pair of scissors that land near the driver. Eventually the woman gets out of the car and walks away still yelling at the driver.
At the time, WSVN reported police did arrive but the driver declined to press charges. As well as investigating the driver's actions, Uber suspended Ramkissoon's account.
After the January incident, Ramkissoon appeared on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos. She told the host she did not recognize the person in the video, said there was no excuse for her behavour, and apologized to everyone, especially the Uber driver. She then came up with a litany of excuses; she had a bad day, she had broken up with her boyfriend, and her father was in the hospital.
After the termination process is completed, the doctor will be able to appeal the decision.