California father accused of killing son because he was gay

Posted Apr 3, 2016 by Arthur Weinreb
The 69-year-old father was taken into custody after the bodies of his son and wife were found at their LA area home. The District Attorney's office announced they believe the son was killed because he was gay.
Shehada Issa  69  being taken into custody
Shehada Issa, 69, being taken into custody
Screen capture from YouTube video
In response to a 911 call, police went to the home of Shehada Issa located in the North Hills area of Los Angeles County on Tuesday. There they found the body of Issa's wife, Rabihah Issa, 68, in the bathroom of the home. She had been stabbed to death. Outside the home they found the body of Shehada Issa's son, Amir Issa, 29. Amir had been shot to death with a shotgun and was declared dead at the scene.
CBS Los Angeles reports, Shehada Issa told police he came home and discovered his wife's body in the bathroom. He then said he heard a noise and saw his son with a knife. He then picked up his shotgun and shot Amir.
Police did not believe the 69-year-old father's account. No knife was found outside on or near Amir's body and Shehada was then taken into custody while the investigation continued.
On Friday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office issued a statement advising Shehada Issa has been charged with one count of wilful, deliberate and premeditated murder in relation to the death of his son. No charges have yet been filed in the death of Rabihah Issa.
According to the District Attorney's office, it is alleged Shehada Issa intentionally discharged a shotgun that caused great injury and death and this was done because of the victim's sexual orientation or the perception of the defendant of his son's sexual orientation. If convicted, the 69-year-old faces life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
The DA's office said Shehada Issa had threatened to kill his son in the past because he was gay. But the Los Angeles Times reports there were other problems within the family besides Amir's sexual orientation. A police officer told the Times police were called to evict Amir who had vandalized the home. And according to a neighbour, Shehada Issa complained his son had mental health and drug issues.
Shortly before his death, Amir had posted on Facebook that his family was controlling him in his sleep and they wanted people to rape and molest him because he would enjoy that. He also allegedly posted a video online where he asks his parents if they had performed certain sex acts and was then called a "pervert" by his father.
The investigation is continuing and no charges have yet been laid in the mother's death. Police say she might have been dead for some time and they are not ruling out the possibility Amir killed his mother. Shehada Issa is being held without bail.