Interview with Eric Burdon: Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Special

Posted Mar 31, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eric Burdon of The Animals chatted with Digital Journal about his recent show at The Paramount in Huntington and his respected career in music.
Living rock legend Eric Burdon
Living rock legend Eric Burdon
Marianna Burdon
On performing at The Paramount in Huntington this past February, Burdon said, "It was a great experience. We were treated and received very well. I will definitely be back sometime in the near future."
His concert at The Paramount garnered a rave review from Digital Journal, and rightfully so.
Living rock legend Eric Burdon
Living rock legend Eric Burdon
Marianna Burdon
Regarding his plans for the future, he said, "Upon our return from touring, my keyboard player announced his retirement from the road, but since retirement isn't in my lexicon, I've decided to form a new band. Luckily, I found a great group of young and energetic guys that I am excited to play with and introduce to my audience. I will be touring Australia in May and will return to Europe this summer, and finish off the year with more U.S. dates; furthermore, I plan to record and release some new music and continue to work on my book."
When asked what motivates him each day, the acclaimed musician said, "I'm a working blues man. It's how I earn my living and always have. I put one foot in front of the other and I get to work. Images from movies I watched the night before and how I can use those images in my own work. Whatever I saw right before I went to bed. And books that I've been reading."
On his proudest professional accomplishments, he said, "There have been many proud moments and many lows, in a vast career, that stretches over 50 years, in the music industry."
Burdon continued, "A recent moment that I'm proud of is the standing ovation I experienced at Carnegie Hall. I was really touched by the reaction of the audience that they acknowledged not only of what I've done in the past but who I am today."
Regarding his induction into the coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he said, "It feels like being apart of a musical family. Every time I visit, my wife and I are warmly welcomed and treated well. I think they are doing a great job."
On the key to longevity in the music industry, he said, "You need to have a thick skin, a good manager and a firm belief in what you do. You must to stay true to your roots and your audience and most importantly, stay true to yourself. If you can't please yourself, you can't please anybody else."
Burdon revealed that his alternate career choices would be painting or writing. "I could spend my days painting, or writing," he admitted.
He defined the word success as "Being satisfied with who you are and knowing what you have to offer the world."
For his fans, Burdon concluded, "Thanks for standing by me all these years. I hope we'll see you at one of our shows very soon."
To learn more about veteran rock star Eric Burdon, his music and tour schedule, check out his official website.