5 astonishing (and free) Chrome hacks you didn't know you needed Commissioned

Posted Mar 31, 2016 by Brett Wilkins
For years, savvy Internet users have been making simple changes to their Google Chrome browsers to optimize their online experience.
Classic Chrome offerings such as AdBlock and dozens of other well known extensions have made users smarter, more productive and more focused on the task at hand at no cost and next to no effort. Users who demand the ultimate experience spend countless hours poring through the thousands of Google Chrome Web Store offerings to find the latest holy grail of Chrome apps that will catapult their browsing experience to the next level. It would take a full-time staff to keep up with the latest developments.
Lucky for you, we've selected five useful hacks that will save you time and money, and are easy to set up and use. Whether you're looking for an invaluable coupon and cash back app, a superior streaming service, a handy screen shot helper or more, these Chrome hacks are your ticket to smarter online surfing, shopping and streaming.
Piggy: Save Boatloads of Money Without Even Realizing It
Smart online shoppers often search Google for money-saving discount codes before making their purchases. Smarter shoppers in the know also take advantage of cash back sites to save even more. The smartest shoppers of all, however, have discovered that using the Piggy Chrome extension rewards them with the biggest savings and cash back to boot, all with the greatest of ease.
Piggy is a new app that scours the Internet for the top coupons and deals and adds the best coupon codes to your cart during checkout. Piggy's free coupon app works at over 1,400 stores, so you're sure to find the deal that's perfect for you. Sign up for free to find rebates and earn cash back, then leave the sifting and sorting to Piggy. You'll save big, with the added bonus of earning awesome cash back and rebates.
How does it work? Before you check out, Piggy automatically searches thousands of available online coupons. What's more, you'll also score any cash back offers from your chosen retailer--and thousands of them work with Piggy. It's lightning-fast, and your effort is minimal. Just activate the extension and let Piggy do the work while you do the shopping. It's like getting free money! We recently used Piggy while shopping on Gap's website and were delighted to be matched with a 35% off coupon and 4% cash back savings. All by just clicking a button. You too can realize bigger savings than you imagined by downloading Piggy here.
Google Dictionary: Define Words Without Leaving the Page
Do you sometimes find yourself opening new tabs to search for the meaning of a word or phrase? Now you can skip that extra work with Google Dictionary, which offers convenient pop-up bubbles that quickly and effortlessly define words and phrases. All you do is highlight the text you want to define with your cursor. Google Dictionary also boasts accurate translations in more than a dozen languages for the added hidden benefit of enriching your vocabulary when you're learning a foreign language. Click here to get Google Dictionary today.
Lightshot: Taking Screenshots Is Now Dummy-Proof
Have you ever needed to share what you're seeing in your web browser and wasted precious minutes trying to find or remember the correct keyboard shortcut combination to save a screenshot? That confusion is now a thing of the past thanks to Lightshot, the extension that gives you the screenshot you need in the fastest and easiest way possible. Just highlight the area you want to capture with your mouse, watch it upload to Lightshot's server and you'll quickly get an easily shareable web link to your content. Gone are the days of frustration from mashing hard-to-remember key combinations. Download Lightshot, the web's best screenshot tool, here.
Videostream: Play Any File Type Video on Chromecast
Videostream is a handy Chrome extension that lets users stream any video directly from their PC, Mac or Linux device to their Chromecast or Android TV device. You no longer have to mess around with a media server or software. Plus, premium users can set up playlists and additional features and mobile remote apps for playback controls and library navigation so you can step away from your computer and get down to some serious binge-watching of your favorite programming. To start enjoying Videostream today, click here.
StayFocusd: No More Distractions!
StayFocusd was designed as the perfect app for anyone who is easily distracted and suddenly needs to know the latest sports scores or who made it to the next round of The Voice. All you do is set the maximum minutes per day you can spend on selected sites, and once you hit that limit you're done for the day. StayFocusd is easy to set up and use, and you'll soon notice a real boost in your productivity. It's the perfect app for parents seeking to control how much time their children spend watching online video. Keep your eyes on the prize by getting StayFocusd today.
Make the most of your Chrome use by taking full advantage of these five hacks. You may not have even heard of any of them until now, but once you try them you'll be wondering why you didn't start sooner.