Interview: Medium Robert E. Hansen talks new TV show and book Special

Posted Mar 10, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Psychic and medium Robert E. Hansen chatted with Digital Journal about his new television show, forthcoming book, and natural gift.
Psychic Robert E. Hansen
Psychic Robert E. Hansen
Robert E. Hansen
On May 15, he will be doing two or three tapings for his television show at the theater at Adelphi University. "People started to see me over the years, and one thing lead to another, and I developed a pretty good reputation with the readings. I have traveled the countries doing different events, and over the last four or five years, I settled down in my hometown of Merrick," he said. "I will be doing two hours of open session readings for both shows."
Regarding his new book, he said, "Over the years, I have always enjoyed writing. Once I opened up my Facebook page, it became evident that also people wanted to do posts about grief and why they have guilt, and all of these kind of questions that would arise with people. So I began to answer these questions and gave them a place where they could vent their sorrows and get my input for what it's worth."
In his new book, Hansen discusses a wide range of topics such as firehouse, cops, nurses, sanitation workers, blind children. "I talk about all the human conditions," he said.
Aside from his psychic gift and ability, Hansen is also a husband, father, teacher, philanthropist and martial artist. "I have been doing jiu jitsu since I was a kid. When I was around 22 years old, I opened up my first modest little school. I had a lot of affiliations with law enforcement and I wound up working for the federal government for a lot of years," he said. "I have done that all my life, but when I was mid to late 40s, I had a very subtle experience that kind of grew and it turned out to be this particular gift that I received."
To learn more about medium and psychic Robert E. Hansen, check out his official website.