Gang of feral goats wreaking havoc in New Zealand town

Posted Mar 7, 2016 by Owen Weldon
A small town on New Zealand's South Island is dealing with a goat problem. More than 10 feral goats have been causing havoc in the town.
billy goat
billy goat
woodlewonderworks/Flickr Creative Commons
A gang of 16 wild goats have been wandering around the streets of Blackball, and they have been wreaking havoc in the town. They have been destroying gardens and local flora.
Murray Malloch, animal control officer in Grey District Council, said there's concern that the goats will cause a car accident. He added that everyone said the goats are lovely, though.
Apparently, the goats eat through people's gardens and then move onto the next garden and do the same thing.
However, the goats may be taken care of if nobody claims them. If the animals are not claimed within the next two weeks, they will likely be shot and killed for meat.
Malloch said one local resident said he'll go and get the goats for the meat, but as of now no one is sure if the goats are someone's pets.
The goats are not new to the area. It's believed they have been around the area for a few years now, but they have been breeding and grown in numbers throughout the years. It's also not known if the goats venture off into other towns and cities.
As of now, nobody has made any claims to the animals. If this remains the case, then local marksmen plan to eliminate the goats if they come on to their properties.