Yoko Ono, widow of Beatle John Lennon, hospitalized in New York

Posted Feb 27, 2016 by Marcus Hondro
The 83-year-old concept artist and widow of Beatle John Lennon has been admitted to a New York hospital complaining of severe flu-like symptoms. Ono has lived in New York since her husband's death in 1980 and never remarried.
Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono
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Yoko Ono illness
Some media speculated Ono suffered a stroke or heart attack but a West Coast spokesman for her said that was not the case. Elliot Mintz said she called her doctor Friday and described symptoms consistent with the flu.
Mintz said as a precaution her doctor told her she should go to the hospital and be checked over. He added that he expects her stay there to be brief and she may be released as early as today (Saturday).
Ono had a son with Lennon, Sean Taro Ono Lennon, 40 and also a musician and singer. John Lennon met Ono, from Japan, at one of her art exhibits in London in September of 1966.
A part of the exhibit was a ladder which the viewer climbed to look through a spyglass; upon doing so Lennon saw the word YES through the glass. Had he not seen that positive word he said he would have left the exhibit because he found concept art to be "anti-everything." Instead he stayed and for most of the remainder of his life the two were together.
Beatles and Ono
While she is widely blamed for breaking up the Beatles by fans and by music writers, it is an accusation that has never been substantiated. In the most recent Us Weekly Magazine Ono is quoted as saying she had "nothing to do with breaking up the Beatles" and that she thinks "Paul (McCartney) is a pretty cool dude."
After Lennon was murdered by a crazed gunman outside their Dakota apartment in New York, Ono eventually went back to an international career in conceptual art and recording. She has also contributed time and money to creating memorials and museums dedicated to her late-husband.
The New York Daily News said Ono was hospitalized because of "dehydration."