Country singer Elizabeth Lyons releases new song 'Luke Bryan'

Posted Feb 24, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer Elizabeth Lyons has released her new song "Luke Bryan" from her newest EP, the critically-acclaimed "I've Never."
Country star Elizabeth Lyons
Country star Elizabeth Lyons
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Lyons co-wrote the song "Luke Bryan" with songwriter Dan Swinimer, who was responsible for co-writing her previous single, the upbeat "#PartyRules." This tune was penned after Lyons open for Bryan at Country USA in Wisconsin.
The songstress noted that she made the country mega-star (Luke Bryan) himself laugh when she told him that she and her sister have a video of him shaking his booty at Soldier's Field. "He was everything I expected him to be. The epitome of a southern gentleman, a family man, with the best manners," Lyons said.
When Lyons had opened for Bryan, she was stoked with the fact that he has mentioned her name in front of 50,000 fans. "How about Elizabeth Lyons kicking off Country USA today?" Bryan had said, which made Lyons appreciate her country idol even more.
In a press release, Lyons remarked, "I had just started dating a guy when I wrote the song, and I kept asking myself, 'Is he like Luke Bryan?' I want a boy like Luke Bryan. I think a lot of girls will relate to this song in that doesn't everyone want a kind hearted, gracious, fun, good dancer with a down home smile?"
As Digital Journal reported, Lyons will be embarking on a college campus tour.
Fans can check out Elizabeth Lyons' new song "Luke Bryan" on iTunes by clicking here.