Review: Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt deliver magnificent Grammy duet

Posted Feb 15, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
One of the highlight performances of this year's Grammy awards belonged to country artists Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt.
Carrie Underwood releases  Heartbeat
Carrie Underwood releases 'Heartbeat'
Carrie Underwood cover art
They performed a neat medley of their hit singles "Take Your Time" and "Heartbeat" and they blended together in a well-crafted collaboration. Underwood looked as stunning as ever, with her new haircut and low-cut dress, and they both sang with a great deal of emotions.
Hunt was nominated for "Best New Artist" and his album Montevallo was up for "Best Country Album," while Underwood was in the running for "Best Country Solo Performance," a category which she has won multiple times in the past.
The Verdict
While Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt did not win in their Grammy categories this year, it did not matter much, since they both triumphed in their live performances, and there will be many more award opportunities in their future. They earned an A for a job well done.