Justin Bieber Bad Boy Back: Pulls his pants down in Mexico

Posted Jan 8, 2016 by Marcus Hondro
The singer from Canada who was good and then went bad and then good again seems to have taken another turn back towards being bad. A Spanish-language paper reports that Justin Bieber was kicked out of a revered historic site in Mexico.
Justin Bieber inside his swanky looking private jet.
Justin Bieber inside his swanky looking private jet.
Photo from Justin Bieber on Instagram
Bad Boy in Mexico
It happened Thursday at an ancient Mayan fortress located near a Mexican town called Tulum on the country's Caribbean coast, about 130 km. south of Cancún. Bieber is there on vacation with family and Hailey Baldwin (niece of actor Alex Baldwin, himself a bit of a bad boy), his girlfriend.
For starters, the man who once urinated into a hotel mop bucket then cursed Bill Clinton (what was that about?) tried to, La Razon reports, walked into the fortress drinking a beer. That is prohibido at the site and it was taken from him. No biggie, a hundred million bucks or so will buy you another easily enough.
The real trouble started when the Biebs was allegedly seen by staff standing upon a monument that it is, again this word, prohibido to even touch. He was allegedly pulling down his pants and exposing his buttocks. The singer was asked to leave.
The Good and the Bad
Now it may well be that Bieber, whose newest album Purpose is number 2 on Billboard, behind Adele's 25, will tell us that these are all lies spread by haters. Either way it is a perceived return to being a bad boy after a few whole months of seeming to head in the right direction.
Bieber is only 21 — he turns 22 on March 1 — so he has years and years left to flip-flop from good to bad and back again. Which is, after all, kind of what most of us do, no?