Mayor defends appointing 6 relatives to important city positions

Posted Jan 7, 2016 by Igor I. Solar
The mayor of the city of Caucete, Argentina, appointed six close relatives to important municipal posts. His municipal cabinet will include his wife and three brothers, plus his two teenage children.
Julián Gil  Major of the city of Caucete  in the Province of San Juan  Argentina. (Screen capture Y...
Julián Gil, Major of the city of Caucete, in the Province of San Juan, Argentina. (Screen capture YouTube)
TN Television
Julián Gil, a teacher and mayor of Caucete, Argentina, has recently named Gabriel, his 18-year-old son as Secretary of Sports, and Gimena, his 19-year-old daughter, in the post of Secretary of Coordination.
Besides his sons, Mayor Gil named other members of his family in prominent positions in the Municipal Cabinet. His wife Carina is now Secretary of Social Action and his brother David is Chief of Procurement. According to Argentine newspaper La Nación (in Spanish), Gil also appointed as municipal officials two other siblings. His sister Delfina will be Legal Adviser and his brother Ernesto will be in charge of the Department of Livestock.
One of the most controversial appointments is that of his 18-year-old son, Gabriel, as Secretary of Sports, a post for which he will receive a monthly salary equivalent to $ 1,400. In an interview with the television station TN, the mayor emphatically defended his decision. He argues: "the boy has experience in all areas of sports because he has practiced all sports since he was a kid, and he is currently a volleyball player. Additionally, the youngster has experience in administration because, although he just finished high school, Gabriel has participated in the management of the family’s real estate and construction company." Furthermore, among other credentials, Mayor Gil added: "My son is also a musician since age five, he has recordings, and performances in different parts of the country; he doesn’t smoke, and is a very well educated boy."
Regarding the criticism he has received for the appointment of six of his relatives in municipal tasks, Mayor Gil defends himself: "It is legal, the Charter allows this, while the ethical issue is a personal matter," he said candidly. "I know the weakness of this municipality: the tremendous corruption there is in every area. Therefore, I must have people I can trust," he said, according to Clarin newspaper.
Caucete is a city of 35,000 inhabitants in the province of San Juan, Argentina, located about 1000 kilometres northwest of Buenos Aires.
View of the sleepy main square of the city of Caucete  Province of San Juan  Argentina.
View of the sleepy main square of the city of Caucete, Province of San Juan, Argentina.
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