Moroccan Prince avoids hand kiss in funny viral video

Posted Jan 7, 2016 by Richard Milnes
A video featuring the current heir to the Moroccan throne,12-year-old Prince Moulay Hassan of Morocco, is going viral on the Internet.
A street scene from Morocco
A street scene from Morocco
Prince Moulay Hassan (born 8 May 2003), the eldest child of King Mohammed VI of Morocco and his wife Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, may be going through a phase where any attempt to kiss him will be avoided at all costs. But some have speculated that withdrawing the hand may be some sort of sign of respect and humility.
When the Prince arrives at an event, filled with pomp and circumstance, he walks up the red carpet. A line of waiting dignitaries can be seen trying to greet him. One after the other they try a range of sometimes slightly differing methods to kiss his hand, although all fail as the hand is quickly whisked away as soon as the Prince detects an attempted kiss.
The first two dignitaries lined up just about end up kissing their own hands when the Royal hand suddenly disappears. The third dignitary in line resigns himself to a simple handshake before the fourth again tries and fails to kiss the Royal hand but ends up kissing his own as the young Prince pulls away again.
However, it appears that this is not a new problem for the Prince as another video, dated 10 January 2012, shows him trying to avoid the official ceremonial hand kiss. Whilst inaugurating Rabat Zoo one dignitary did manage to kiss the Royal hand after grabbing hold of it and moving it towards himself. All other attempts were unsuccessful.
Further investigations also reveal an older video uploaded in 2011 when Prince Moulay Hassan met the then President of France Nicolas Sarkozy suggesting that he had cramp after he appears to recoil following an embrace.